Church Planting and Renewal

Gospel Ministry Ecosystem

Trusting God for a greater advance of the gospel through the PCA, we pray for a multiplication of church planting ecosystems across the PCA who will serve, grow and multiply church plants and church planters. We provide the diagram here as a guide to the core phases of a healthy church planting ecosystem, and as a guide to MNA Ministries and Recommended Ministries linked to each phase.

Kingdom Values

Kingdom Diversity

Revelation 7:9
Advancing the gospel among all people groups.

Kingdom Prayer

Mark 11:17
Building a house of prayer for all the nations.

Kingdom Evangelism

Acts 2:47

Growing through people coming to Christ.

Kingdom Engagement

Micah 6:8

Acting justly, seeking mercy, walking humbly with God.

Kingdom Mobilization

Acts 8:1–4

Advancing the gospel through the ministry of lay people.

Resources to Strengthen Your Church